Matrix Elete Series

Learn about the Matrix Elete Premier, and watch as this versatile machine packages simulated parmesan cheese. The Elete Premier is designed to thrive in high sanitation environments that require stainless steel. This machine works at a cycle speed up to 130 BPM. In this video, the Elete Premier is packaging parmesan cheese.

Mike Crummy, an Electrical Engineer at Matrix Packaging Machinery with 18 years of experience in product development, introduces the Elete Premier vertical form-fill-seal packaging machine. This machine is designed for a wide range of bag sizes, from 2.75 inches to 18 inches wide and up to 23 inches long.

Matrix Packaging Machinery emphasizes long-term customer support, offering an in-house parts department and a large service team across the U.S., along with ongoing sales support. The company serves multiple industries, including food, beverage, bakery, candy, coffee, tea, disinfectants, cold chain, dried meats, IQF, pet foods, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and snacks.

Matrix tailors its packaging systems to meet specific customer needs. It is the master distributor for FL Tecnics (horizontal form-fill-seal machines), INVPack (stick pack and sachet machines), and Toyo Jidoki (pre-made pouch machines). As a product brand of ProMach, Matrix is part of the ProMach Flexibles and Trays business line, helping customers maintain and grow their product reputation.

The Elete Premier vertical form-fill-seal machine is highlighted for its highly hygienic design, with 95% stainless steel content, suitable for harsh wash-down environments. The machine features polished welds, stud-welded tie hooks, and a permanently welded drip pan.

In a demonstration, the Elete Premier packages parmesan cheese using a Speedy stainless steel auger and cheese film from Transcontinental Film. The machine, controlled via a touchscreen interface, handles film through a spindle, dancer assembly, splicing table, and edge guide. The Speedy auger filler dispenses the product into the forming tube, which is sealed by vertical and horizontal jaws. The finished bags are weighed, checked for accuracy, and conveyed for packing.

The Elete Premier can produce various bag formats, including pillow, gusseted, flat bottom, and modified doy-style bags. It offers options like rotated jaws for three-side seal, gas flush, hole punch, tear notch, and button valve applicator.

In the Q&A session, Mike discusses the machine's customization, including washdown options, Compact Logix controller availability, film compatibility, and the ability to produce quad and doy-style bags.

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