Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines

The vertical form fill seal machines are what make Matrix the leader in the packaging industry. These systems are well-engineered and cost effective for use in numerous markets. The VFFS equipment is diverse to accommodate a wide range of applications. From the Pro Custom, which specializes in innovation in design, to the Promax, which works at high speeds, the vertical form fill seal machinery is proven to increase production rates and decrease labor costs.

Small footprint dual Morpheus VFFS continuous machine package 1.5oz coffee frac packs with accuracy @ 280 bpm.

Watch as these Dual Morpheus VFFS machines paired with a Yamato scales produce 260 bpm of frozen cheese curds.

Watch as our robust Morpheus and Yamato scale packages convenient pillow bags of 100 grams of dried pasta!

Watch as our robust Morpheus and Yamato scale makes quick work of packaging small bags of yummy treats!

The Matrix Morpheus continuous motion vertical form fill seal machine packages 17 grams of cereal in a pillow bag.

Continuous motion Morpheus bags corn muffin mix in flat-bottom gusseted bag.

Watch as our robust Morpheus and Yamato scale makes quick work of filling bags for sample dog food treats!

Watch the Morpheus AB combined with a Spee-Dee auger run 2.5oz bags of ground coffee @ 120 bpm.

Pillow bag with 1.5 oz of ground coffee with Spee-Dee Auger and WIPOTEC check-weigher.

Morpheus with Spee-Dee volumetric cup filler producing 3oz bags of raw nuts @ 120bpm. Utilizing SmartGate technology.

This video showcases coffee packaging on the Morpheus continuous motion vertical form fill seal machine.

The Matrix Morpheus XL makes quick work of packaging these IQF patties into nice family sized bags of 3.6 oz running @ 55 bpm.

The Morpheus XL with a maximum 15" wide bag width, packages IQF sausage patties with consistent ease.

The Morpheus packages your product with efficiency and flexibility.

The Matrix Mercury Twin makes quick work of producing pillow bags in a small footprint.

Matrix Mercury running fresh radishes in a 1# bag @ 58bpm.

A Matrix Mercury and a Yamato 14 head scale with Pro-Surveil makes producing these snack a snap!

The Matrix Mercury produces 5# Freezer Gel Packs with consistency and ease. These large freezer packs measure 8" x 12".

The Matrix Mercury produces consistent convenient gel/freezer packs at 50 bpm!

The Matrix Mercury a intermittent vertical form fill machine, packages cell phone ring holder stands in film that is commercially compostable!

The Matrix Mercury successfully packages 1# pillow bags of powdered detergent.

The versatile Mercury packaging machine makes quick work by bagging fresh cheese curds at 45 bags per minute.

The Matrix Mercury consistently packages fresh pineapple at 45 bpm.

Matrix Mercury produces mesh pillow bags in two sizes.

Bag of Coffee Beans with de-gassing valve and label!

Our Elete with a twist! See this Elete with an Angled jaw to create an easy to snip and squeeze option.

View our Elete Premier with Benchmark conveyor, WIPOTEC checkweigher and Spee-Dee Auger to package parmesan cheese in large pillow bags.

Watch the vide and get a glimpse of the Matrix Elete Premier easily producing large 10"x14" pillow bags that are made of 100% recyclable film. These large bags are idea for industries that require a more sustainable solution.

Watch the Elete integrated with a Spee-Dee cup filler package 4# of coffee beans consistently @ 50bpm.

See the Matrix Elete create a 3 sided seal using a rotated jaw.

Elete Premier 18/20 sanitary VFFS bagger. Creating 14" pre-applied zipper pouches, running @ 15 bpm.

Watch the Matrix Elete machine with a rotated jaw packaging trail mix and pumpkin seeds @ 60 bpm.

Matrix Bag-in-Bag packages ground coffee with filter paper and a foil master bag

The Matrix Bag-in-Bag packages ground coffee quickly and effectively, providing easy-to-use options for commercial markets

Pillow bags are produced in the upper section and drop down into an overwrap package (pillow or optional flat bottom or gusseted bags) produced on the lower section of the machine.

This system provides an innovative solution to multiple products in an over-bag.

Matrix working in conjunction with Spee-Dee to provide what Chauvin Coffee needs.

Snack food executives and operators discuss the winning recipe to bagging 8 million bags this year

Check out the Auto Set Eye Feature video features.

Ice berg, romaine, spring, and other mixes. Our VFFS machines can package your salad shreds and mixes salads efficiently.

Large gusseted bag of whole coffee beans bagged on VFFS with valve.

See peeled apple wedges bagged on VFFS machine. These single serving packages are perfect for on-the-go or busy families.

Watch the Matrix Mercury Twin Bagging fresh green beans on VFFS.

Producing 5 pound shredded lettuce bags up to 25 bags per minute

Bagging green beans on VFFS

Mercury Single and Twin running bags of green beans at 30 and 60 bpm.

Ultrasonic welding applies precise ultra-high-speed vibrations along a seam. Ultrasonic welding is quick and precise, forming a high quality seal with superior mechanical strength.

Half dozen Orion VFFS machines hard at work bagging candy

High quality four side sealed flat bottom bags

The Mercury high speed features longevity and reliability for long lasting, quality use.

The Matrix Elete is a high performance, totally configurable solution for larger bags

Capable of speeds of up to 180 bags per minute

Matrix has the ability to create a packaging solution for your pre-applied zipper film bags for all bag types such as snack food bags.

The Matrix Pro specializes in high speeds and flexibility for unprecedented production.

This machine specializes in providing innovative solutions to challenging applications.

Designed as a vertical sealer machine, Matrix X is the fastest solution for high production rates.

Integrated Filler and VFFS machines bag food product

Change bag sizes and widths as well as bag style depending on the product or application you are running at the moment.

Meet the Elete Tilt Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine. 0-60 degrees in seconds and you're ready to roll!